Changing prices

To change prices, you need to have an admin user account. Please contact your Cielo administrator to change prices.

If you do not have a PRO or ENTERPRISE account, please contact us at for an offer.

You can open the price list from “Settings”.

Here you can manage the products. This page focuses only on price changes, refer to other guide pages when adding/removing products or changing the product uses.

Product Price #

If you have multiple companies/resellers under your admin account(s), make sure to change the correct company prices from the top right menu:

You are able to change both the price/meter or sqm and the price per unit.

Additionally, Cielo generates visualization parametrically based on the width and the depth of the product (in millimeters).

If you are using Cielo Enterprise to generate production files, make sure these are correct.

Support products #

When selling e.g. glazing, you can add the prices of frames and profiles. The way frames and profiles are added in the configurator depends on how your Cielo has been configured.

For Cielo users that don’t have Enterprise-customization, the easiest way to find out the pricing logic currently is to draw a model and export the sales/order list and see how different constructions are done. We are working on a documentation and ability to customize this to make pricing easier for you, but there is unfortunately no ETA yet.

This works exactly as the product pricing with the profiles having unit price and price per meter.

You are, however, not required to use this if the normal pricing per unit/m or sqm is enough.

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