"SSA Digi has helped us with strength calculation, the construction and the materials used in our products. With their knowhow they have ensured that these things correlate to the structural demands of our customers. Their knowledge is trustworthy and detailed enough to please our international customers who trust the reports that we offer them when making an offer."

Pekka Hosio, CEO

"With the help of a sales configurator our business as well as our customers' business gets noticeable gains in effectivity. With our new configurator, which is a measuring an designing tool, the whole process becomes faster and more effective. The system is a web based tool for 3D modelling. The engineer can use the seller's design as such in his design and there will be no surprises in the costs. Data from the configurator is taken directly to the automatic saw which optimeses the cutting list with minimal loss of material."

Riku Räisänen, CMO

"You'll learn how to use Cielo Glass in just 15 minutes and it's a fantastic tool for for selling and making visualizations of glazing projects. The data and images created by the program are valid when applying for a building permission from the authoroties"

Otto Elonen, CMO

Our partners

SSA Digi Oy’s experts took part developing other technologies as well. Our spin-off companies Riots Global Oy and MetCe Oy work closely together with us.

In a joint venture, Rakennustieto Oy, Mittaviiva Oy and SSA Digi Oy have developed a new tool for calculating construction costs. RT-kustannuslaskenta.

Onninen Oy and Purso Oy recommmend systems developed by SSA Digi Oy for CE-marking, strength calculation and quality control of production for construction products.

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