OLD Cielo Features

Cielo Technology Features

CIELO offers you a wide array of features to boost your sales, control sales-to-production process, and optimize manufacturing in the cloud – always readily available, everywhere!


Cloud service

Mobile platforms

Sales Configurator

Cielo Sales Configurator

CPQ - Configure-Price-Quote - Accelerating your Quotation to Cash


  • Configure the product for the customer in 3D
  • Browser-based
  • Easy to use


  • Accurate live pricing when adding or removing parts
  • Full cost customization possibilities


  • Instant document creation
  • Easy to edit
  • All the content you need in the sales document

Product Configurator

Cielo E-Commerce

For Your Engineers

  • Minimize repetitive work by getting a fully functional 3D model straight from your sales
  • All salespeople using the same system – consistent measurements and products

For Your Resellers

  • Sales- and Product Configurator usable by your resellers
  • Easy to use – all salespeople are able to draw your products in 3D
  • Construction of products according to Cielo constraints – less variance to production

For Your Customer

  • 3D-visualizations right away at first customer visit
  • Instant price quote and documentation available
  • Awesome 3D Product Configurator on your website to directly buy from

3D Design

A Cielo functionality test model with OC-System’s sheet metals. The hole next to the middle window is a good example of a constraint – the saw cannot cut a hole this small right next to the edge of a sheet so Cielo takes that into account.

  • Cielo Sales and Product Configurators create 3D-models automatically based on product parameters or 2D drawings
  • Browser-based – does not need a powerful PC
  • Pre-design Sales models fully manufacturable right away
  • Full export capabilities to make unorthodox changes or customization in external softwares
  • Easy referencing of drawings for 3D design
  • Fully configurable constraints to create an unified set of measurements and products – saving adjustment time from design
  • Fully Customizable to your business

Resource Management

Material Management

  • Material lists from projects
  • Convenient source material and price management for administrators
  • Easily follow the difference of what has been sold and what has been delivered

Project Management

  • Monitor the project progress
  • Easy to follow project completion levels even with large number of projects
  • Configurable to your ERP or CRM – fully integrate your sales, production and supply chain

Manufacturing Optimization

For Cielo Enterprise
  • AI-driven material optimization from multiple projects to drive maximum efficiency
  • Automatically generated CNC, sawing and cutting files according to production constraints
    • CNC cutting optimized for minimum amount of tool changes and calibrations
    • Stack cutting optimization for saws that can process multiple items at once
    • Stack cutting different elements that can be cut for same length e.g. sliding door top and bottom parts
  • Flawless data connection between sales, engineering and manufacturing
  • Automatized logistics solutions e.g. shipment lists and purchase orders

Comprehensive Document Creation

Generate documentation in seconds based on the pre-sales design.

  • Automatically generate drawings for e.g. building approvals
  • Full sales documents
  • Full material lists & bills of materials
  • Cutting lists
  • Purchase orders
  • Custom excel exports based on your earlier documentation format
  • …and any documentation that you need can be added!

Continuous development

We want to constantly make Cielo better.

    Features that we are working on:
  • Alternate Reality (AR) integration to 3D-visualization
  • Fully integrated Cielo E-Commerce for websites
  • Resource management and accounting graphs, visuals and figures readily available in Cielo

List of Features

  • Operates on Cielo servers
    • Available anywhere, anytime on your browser (except Internet Explorer)
    • Backup servers to ensure smooth operation
  • Maintenance service and customer support
    • Regular service during your local office hours
    • We will do our utmost to support even at night if necessary
  • Customizable to your local requirements
    • Language
    • Legalization
    • Structural requirements
    • Can be user-based – e.g. someone can use Cielo in English, other in Spanish and the third person can use the same system in German
  • Diverse and flexible API
    • ERP integration
    • CRM integration
    • Any other system integration
    • Website integration
    • Custom integration to move data between your platform and Cielo
  • Automatic quotes with 3D and 2D-models included
  • Rules and preconfigured solutions
  • Precise constraints to prevent errors
  • Easily configurable information
    • Material management
    • Solution management
    • Price management
  • Complex quotes
    • Pricing and discount settings
    • Price changes with 3D model changes in real time
    • Any customization to pricing available e.g. subscription pricing, renewals, re-buys, add-ons, customer-based settings etc.
  • Accuracy
    • Same numbers across the system
    • Always accurate price quotes
  • Simplify approval requests from engineering and design with full 3D-model available for confirmation right away
  • Exports and imports in:
    • .step
    • .dxf
    • .ifc
    • .pdf
    • Regular image formats
  • Shareable link to the 3D-model
    • Compatible with mobile
  • Compatible with AutoCAD solutions
    • Plugins
    • Interfaces to other design platforms
  • Project status mapping and filtering
    • Project completion stats
    • Project completion graphs
  • Customizable visible information from projects in quick view
    • CRM-like project information
    • Naturally also possible to syncronize to your CRM
  • Monitor sales and resales
    • Bidding and ordering of all salespeople visible
  • Connection
    • Full connection from sales to design to manufacturing
    • No need for any manual file transfers
    • “Sell – approve – produce” – whole value chain is accelerated
    • Accuracy significantly increased, material loss reduced and manual data entry mistakes completely removed
  • Easy and fast management system
    • Users
    • Prices
    • Materials
  • Automatic cost accounting
    • Possible to customize for Standard costing and Activity-based costing
    • Different methods of handling overhead