Digitalize your business with Cielo

Cielo benefits companies of all sizes

Microcompanies and entrepreneurs

For small companies, Cielo offers affordable and powerful sales configurator and 3D-visualization tool with default Cielo products.

Small and Medium Size Companies

With relatively small customization investment compared to industry standard, we model your products to your Cielo. You can show your customers exactly what they are buying with your product specifics.

Large Companies and Multinational Enterprises

For large companies we offer full production package with material optimization, seamless connection from sales to production, exportable accurate 3D-models and production files (including CNC and manual cutting files), project management tool and much more.

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Tuomo Taivassalo
Domestic sales
+ 358 40 120 9613

Juhana Berner
International Sales
+ 358 40 120 6851

Javier Sánchez de Pazos
Sales, Spain
+ 34 608 49 49 80

Lauri Roukala
 Key Account Manager
+ 358 40 120 7041

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