Digitalizing Your Business

Cielo is a flexible solution, and we can combine any product types and create new product types for your needs exactly.

Cielo 3D Sales Configurator, Product Configurator and Resource MAnagement

You can manage your sales and production data anywhere, with any device.


  • Easy 3D-modeling
  • Sales Configurator
  • Product Configurator
  • Accurate quotes, accurate models


  • 3D Design available anywhere with a laptop
  • Update parameters and view 3D-models with your phone
  • A 3D product configurator for your website


  • Easy material list and price management
  • Follow and control the process from sales to production
  • Manage production and reduce errors with material optimization, bill of materials and manufacturing automatization

Cielo Glass

The only tool you will need for your glazing business.

Cielo Glass Terrace Demonstration

Boost your sales and maximise your design and manufacturing profit with the browser-based
and easy-to-use CIELO Glass 3D-design, sales configurator and production management software.

CIELO Glass will revolutionalize your processes, order management and helps you save incredible amount of time and material. We will customize the solution to your needs and products. The features we can support your glass business could be for example:

  • Combining parametric and modular products to work flawlessly together
  • Automatically generated glass cutting drawings and material optimization
  • 3D-visualization to boost your sales
  • Production management to ensure timely and accurate delivery of products and minimal loss of material
  • Available anywhere, anytime and with any device

Cielo Stairs

Optimize your stairs sales and production.

With CIELO Stairs you can easily design complex stairs in your browser – and have
the full 3D-model for your customer and manufacturing right away.

We can completely customize CIELO Stairs for your stair products. The customization can include nearly anything, for example:

  • Easy design of turning stairwells with custom number of steps and twisting stairs
  • Constraints for parameters and modules to ensure manufacturing validity 
  • Extra railings and balustrade customization
  • 3D-demonstrations of surrounding walls, floors and visual elements

Cielo Windows and Doors

Easy, fast and surprisingly powerful.

Integrate your products to your webpage, visualize for your customer on the spot with the 3-D
Design, and manage your whole production process – CIELO has everything your business
needs and more.

Customizable to your business needs, CIELO can be used with any combination of products. You will be able to manage your whole value chain from anywhere with the browser-based CIELO solution – and boost sales with the 3D sales configurator as well!

We can offer any customization to your needs, for example:

  • Guiding the user to avoid structurally weak or impossible constructs
  • Easily export documentation for cutting, machining, sales and design
  • Full project management – filter projects easily with completion status
  • Easy-to-use, custom 3D demonstration for your customer on the spot
  • You have full control of prices and materials and can edit them anytime
  • Available with all devices, anywhere

Cielo Terraces and Balconies

Easy duplication, easier production management.

With CIELO Terrace and Balcony solution you can easily create and manage complex building projects.

With the information updated in real-time in the cloud and 3D-modeling accessible via browser, CIELO is the best tool for large projects with multiple stakeholders.

We can power up your construction project sales and production management with for example:

  • Update measurements to the final model from the site with your tablet or phone
  • Boost your B2C and B2B sales with a 3D product configurator on your website
  • Easily control sales and delivery process of large and complex projects, keep track of what has been delivered and what has been sold
  • Minimize waste and errors with material optimization, automatic material list creations and Cielo production management system

Cielo Buildings and Roofs

Speed up your sales with even more customization.

Cielo’s ability to process both parametric and modular solutions can boost your sales by allowing
more flexibility and accuracy.

From simple walls to complex structures – CIELO can empower your business in sales, manufacturing and also helps you with official paperwork. Your CIELO solution can be very simple and affordable, but can also drive cost efficiency for very complex and large products with massive potential savings in time and material.

Flexibility of CIELO customization means it can be tailored especially for your needs in for example following:

  • Resource management to easily see the full picture
  • Link CIELO to your ERP and CRM to have a full connection and maximum automation between all steps of your business
  • AI-driven material optimization and process automatization

Cielo Office Structures

Maximize sales with visualization.

Cielo Office demonstration

Demonstrate your product by easily drawing it according to your customer’s office and have
a sales quote available in real time.

Glass meeting rooms, open office walls, phone cube structures – CIELO can do it all. CIELO’s fast sales quotes, easy 3D-visualization and flawless connection to the production boosts your business to the next level.

For office structures we offer customizability and compatibility with all CIELO features and more, for example:

  • Online office structure configurator for your website
  • Wide customization options
  • Add furniture and other additional elements
  • Integrated structural analysis and automatically generated documentation

Cielo Railings

Easy sales, powerful production, maximum profit.

With CIELO, you can boost even a small business to the next level. Affordable CIELO 3D-visualization and sales
configurator makes your sales to production process straightforward and cost-effective.

For complex solutions we offer full customization, but even the simplest business can benefit from CIELO. On top of the sales boost from the easy-to-use 3D sales configurator, CIELO minimizes costly errors and material losses by material optimization and automatized material lists. While we render excel-systems unnecessary, CIELO can be configured to export data to your familiar excel-template as well.

For example we can help you with:

  • Super fast and accurate sales quotes (~ CPQ – Configure Price Quote)
  • Easy to edit material and price lists
  • Skipping unnecessary steps verifying models or sales quotes
  • Fully accurate 3D-modeling can be easily done by the salesperson – saves a lot of time from sale to production
  • Information accuracy – CIELO connects flawlessly between sales and production

Cielo Custom

CIELO can be customized for anything!

Full 3D Sales Configurator (CPQ) and Resource Management in one package
Cielo can be customized to virtually any product.

CIELO provides amazing benefits when used with products that consist of components that are:

  • Machined, sawed or cut manually or automatically
  • Products that have high volumes and need tailored parameters for each one
  • Any product with benefits from 3D-visualization in sales

But CIELO can also do much more! Medium-sized implementation projects could be for example but not limited to:

  • Casings or cabinets for electronics or servers, including automatic schematic diagram creation
  • Modular and parametric furniture and storage solutions