The summer is here after an exceptional spring

We have been working normally during corona restriction time and been able to serve our customers with normal efficiency. Our employees have been working from home and been able to perform their tasks without any bigger challenges. We have also gotten a new company to share the office with us, Notarec Oy. Welcome!

We want to help companies survive the affects of COVID-19 and to develop their, and your, business also in case of future developments of the same sort. If your company has a modular product or product systems, we can implement a sales and product configurator for you very easily in a very short time with our predeveloped concept and solution. The previous mentioned goes also for configurators for parametric products. In these times, we want the make business development of our new customers easier with the help of Cielo by offering licence fee free months until the 1st of August. The offer is valid for implementation of new Cielo systems.